Cheryl (May 2024)

A story about a newly realized lesbian woman, hellbent on reaching spiritual enlightenment. Even if it kills her.

Cheryl just came out and she’s been doing just fine, thanks for asking!!!! She just broke up with her dog, quit gluten, cut contact with her father, and is just really trying to focus on getting enough water daily! It’s all going great!! Except it isn’t and everything is terrible, because no matter what Cheryl does she really can’t shake that there’s something wrong deep down in the core of her being. What would really fix things would be to address her lingering internalized homophobia and childhood trauma. Or reach total spiritual enlightenment, reaching total enlightenment sounds easier, let’s go with that one.

As Cheryl falls further down the New Age wellness industrial complex however, the world turns out to be a lot weirder and sicker than she could have ever imagined. Now Cheryl is forced to confront that not only is it not all about her, but that she might have some part to play in making it better.

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Lake Jehovah

Lake Jehovah is a small town in northern Alberta known for its allegedly bottomless lake. It is there that Jay, a genderqueer individual, experiences a crisis of meaning regarding love in the face of a series of apocalypses. Jay’s fiance leaves xim for xis old university professor Asterix. This sends Jay into a tailspin, which causes xim to spend the next few months sleeping. When xe wakes up Jay discovers xe has become a small time celebrity for writing an apocalyptic prophesy.

The town’s obnoxious costumed mailman Greg has been giving tours to apocalypse pilgrims that go by Jay’s bedroom window. Two of these pilgrims are Betty and Mack, survivors of the Vancouver Apocalypse, who find solace in Jay’s prophesy. Now fully awake Jay seeks companionship with the reviled sadist poet Jackknife who introduces xim to demons and chain-smoking wolves.

Things in Jay’s world continue to unravel until xe realizes xe needs to confront the Lake itself. Will Jay’s prophesy come to pass? If it’s all over, did it mean anything at all? Jillian Fleck is a fresh new voice in comics and Lake Jehovah is a breakout book.

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Alberta Comics: Home


A 224 page comics anthology celebrating the comic creators connected to Alberta, featuring 43 short comic stories and cartoons inspired by the theme ‘home’. Within the pages you will find a curious mix of pathos, optimism, humour, hope, and reflections on all the different things ‘home’ really means.

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2 Trans 2 Furious Zine

More than 40 trans writers and artists have joined forces to explore the deeper meanings of the Fast & Furious franchise (and also gender). There’s really no way to know why this exists, but it does, and you can own it! Suitable for F&F fans and newcomers alike. Contributions include:

– A new short story by Manhunt author Gretchen Felker-Martin
– A demolition derby driver’s perspective on 2 Fast 2 Furious’s derby scene
– An essay contemplating the queer symbolism of Cipher’s bowl cut
– The scoop on the franchise’s only canonically nonbinary character
– Instructions for an F&F-themed tabletop roleplaying game
– A contemplation of which Taylor Swift album represents each F&F character
Plus: Bingo cards! Comics! Haiku! And, of course, hot gay erotica…

2 Trans 2 Furious is edited by Tuck Woodstock & Niko Stratis, with cover art by Mattie Lubchansky and zine design by Shay Mirk.

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Toad Hex (Various Issues)

Toad Hex is a FREE two-page, tri-annual “paper,” like a newspaper or a flyer – except instead of news, Toad Hex is full of comics, art and articles from some of Western Canada’s most interesting, entertaining and important creators. We distribute Toad Hex for free to businesses, coffee shops, comic book shops, boutiques, art galleries, arts institutions, etc. – to offer for free to their customers.

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Dirty Diamonds (Death, Being, Sex, Beauty, and Comics Issues)

Dirty Diamonds is co-edited and published by Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman, drawing buds since the 7th grade. Holding down the fort on opposite ends of Philadelphia, they have been the loving parents of the all-girl comic anthology since 2011.

The goal of Dirty Diamonds has been to give the women of comics a dedicated outlet for telling their stories, and artists from around the world have contributed their (semi-)autobiographical works over the years. Gathering these personal stories has allowed Dirty Diamonds to highlight both the talents and experiences of women in comics today.

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Zines and Self Published Work

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